Installation internet issues can’t do anything

Doing a new installation v157 on raspberry pi 2 but keep getting internet issue and my setting are correct can’t access rpi from web browser but can from ssh. Unit can’t connect to update and failed during start up lighttpd, php5, MySQL Please help

No+DHCPOFFERS+received+dietpi+lan+cable&. cant access internet have tried 5 different rpi s and different network cables and different power supplies but the same…can ping rpi and rpi can ping router and can ping but will not connect to updates or any system stuff please please can someone help me

Can you give me more detail information by this commands:

ifconfig -a
route -v
cat /etc/network/interfaces

Perhaps we can find your problem.

The output should be simalar to the following screenshot: ( = My Router)

Router is failing to provide DHCP ACK, could be a router failure, incompatibility, or a slow router in general.

Either way, try rebooting the router.

Failing that, set STATIC IP address in DietPi-Config > Networking