Install UEFI-PC X86 ISO kills HD Partitions without warning

Hallo ,
ich habe das ISO für PCs installiert, und dabei den kompletten Inhalt meiner HD überschrieben bekommen. Die Installation mit Clonzilla ist, freundlich ausgedrückt, suboptimal. Ich kenne keine Distribution, die mir bei der Installation nicht wenigstens ein Partitionierwerkzeug an die Hand gibt. Leider habe ich jetzt sämtliche wichtigen Daten auf der HD verloren. Damit ist DietPI-PC für mich aus dem Rennen. Auf dem RasPI ist das ok.

Gibt es Hilfe ?

Yes, our installer image overwrites the entire disk. However, you should have received this warning

Did you?

Oh yes, I did. I managed to regain my Datapartition, which was part 5 on HD with GPT, and copied it to an USB disk.
After that I installed Windows 11 back as first OS and later UBUNTU lite behind the Data-Partition.
As I mentioned, DietPi works like a charme on my PIs, but never will use it again on a PC.
In my opinion the complete usage of a Harddisk at install is an issue not a feature.
One can use it to revive old PCs and Notebooks back to life. Ok. But not quickly install a small Linux on a working PC or notebook.

The good site: I installed Windows new, and only the the software I really need.

Merry Xmas and a good 2023

This is how our installer works. It’s a full iso image that will be flashed on the disk. We don’t aim to create a dual boot system. As well you get the warning that all data will be lost. Just ignoring it is not our failure.

Next, you could simply apply a plain Debian installation on one of your partitions and go with the DietPi conversion script. This should install our tools only and not touch any partition layout.