Install software after an install, an update?

New to Dietpi…

So, I’ve installed Dietpi and a bunch of programs. Now I realized I wanted to add the ability for the Pi to allow three tablets to connect to access Plex and Subsonic while on a family road trip. So, make the Pi a hotspot. Now, there will be no actual internet connection, basically a local LAN in the car. Can I run dietpi-software after an install without messing up all of the settings I’ve already done on other programs? Do I need to unselect all of the programs(programs that were installed first time around) except for the one I want to install/add to the system?

Thanks, and love the product!


If you are using dietpi-software to install everything, and, not making manual changes to any system configuration files (eg:/etc/hostapd.conf), you should be fine.

DietPi-Software is designed to allow you to install what you like, when you like. You can remove the software it installs with dietpi-uninstall.

So far this is the best thread I found.
While making changes to my Plex server I noticed of a new version is available but can only be installed manually.
Is there a command I can run on the Plex server to pick up an update or do I need to uninstall and re-install the application?
And if so, will I miss all the previous configuration details?

Many thanks

As PMS do not offer an official ARM release, for ARM devices, we use the repo to install PMS.
So regardless of a reinstall within DietPi, the version would still remain the same, unless updates their packages.

For the Virtual machines (amd64), we use the official download. So a reinstall should update the application to the latest version.

As for updating PMS, i’ve not personally tried it. However, i’am pretty confident it cant be updated for ARM, unless the update their repo.

But if your willing to try the manual update, let us know how it goes :slight_smile: