Install Netatalk?

Hi everyone, and thanks for such a great distribution and community. I’ve been using Samba to expose a Time Machine target. It works, but it’s slow and very unreliable. I’m interested in trying AFP to see if I can get any better results. Is there an easy way to install Netatalk on DietPi? Or would I need to build it from source?


It would be the same way as on every Debian system. There should be nothing special on this.

That might be the way to go. I found a guide for an older version Compiling and installing netatalk 3.1.2 on Debian (used for my RaspberryPi TimeCapsule) · GitHub Probably you can adjust to current version of netatalk.

Form Debian side there is a package available for Buster only. Debian -- Package Search Results -- netatalk No package available on Bullseye and Bookworm.