Install Dietpi on rpi3 b+

Hello, Is it possible to install dietpi in raspberry pi 3 b+ without having an internet connection?

Theoretically yes. In dietpi.txt set CONFIG_BOOT_WAIT_FOR_NETWORK=0.
You will face some errors when the system tries to update itself, doing network time sync etc. When errors prompt on first boot/login about failing internet connection, just hit “cancel”/“exit” to revert to plain console.

But it is not really recommended. I would at least connect it to internet for first run update and setup, also as usually a plain system without any installed software does not have much use? I guess you want to do something specific with it which requires install of additional software/packages? :wink:

Two other dietpi.txt settings you should adjust if you finally want to run it without network access:

Ok, but the image have not all setup to install the system. No problem, thanks for support.

Jep indeed DietPi expects at least on first boot proper network connection. We ship minimal images without any additional software pre-installed (which is kinda one of the main ideas behind DietPi :wink:), which means to install anything else you need network.