InfluxDB official container under docker-ce on DietPi crashes

More Docker fun! :smiley:

So the official InfluxDB container fails to start on a DietPi RPi 3 box. I’ve already discussed things with the InfluxDB crew here and it does look like this is down to some docker-ce <> DietPi issue though I’m not sure exactly what the issue is just yet.

The offical image is build with a Dockerfile that’s using:

FROM buildpack-deps:stretch-curl

as the base image. That’s a lighter base image that works fine under Raspbian. It fails under DietPi with exit code 139.

If I swap out that lighter base for:

FROM resin/rpi-raspbian:stretch

and basically build the container using everything in Raspbian, I can get it to start just fine. That strongly suggests some difference between Raspbian and DietPi is problem here.

Thanks for your report and sorry for the late reply.

How did you install docker-ce on your Raspbian test system?

We use:

But on RPi we manually pin to a lower version (5:18.09.0~3-0~raspbian-stretch, that was done with DietPi v6.19.7 hotfix), since the most current version failed to start:
Or was there another update that got that fixed?

Besides moving the docker data to /mnt/dietpi_userdata/docker-data we do not change something else then.
The DietPi RPi image is based on Raspbian Lite, but we purge down the image quite much. Possible that there is a dependency (APT package or kernel module/overlay) required for InfluxDB that is not installed (nor required) automatically with docker?

Are you able to gather some debug log about the container crash or find out about special dependencies (outside of docker itself) that InfluxDB has?

Otherwise I am very inexperienced with docker. I can only try to replicate on a x86_64 VM, but you need to provide me the exact install steps you did, after selecting docker from dietpi-software :wink:.