image downloads differences?

another question…

The DietPi images are not generally build on the buildserver?

The DietPi_ROCKPro64-ARMv8-Buster.7z is from march: 2020-03-02 23:11 98M
The DietPi_ROCK64-ARMv8-Buster.7z is from december 2020-12-16 17:05 125M

Can you update the ROCKPro64?



many thanks for your message. Images are created manually by the devloper and they are refreshed time by time. It should not be an issue to use an older image as it will update to latest DietPi release on first boot automatically.

ok, good to know


Can the DietPi_ROCKPro64 be build for V7…

What do you mean by build for v7?

DietPi Releases - February 2021 (version 7.0)

Only the older version is available in the downloads for the ROCKPro64

FILE:	DietPi_ROCKPro64-ARMv8-Buster.img
DATE:	Tue Jan 19 23:43:07 CET 2021
MD5:	f1f530b63bb57932c5886b26a5b1fbd9
SHA1:	3213b5bbbc3afcf7666c3b5156afa37aad364859
SHA256:	ce69e0589040b6cae80aba726470d7be1b4652a8b95df1b879ce11d7f16b164e

There shouldn’t be an issue to use the older image as you will be updated to 7.0.2 automatically on first boot.

But let’s ask the developer MichaIng if he can refresh the image anyway :sunglasses:

Correct, the system is updating automatically, so aside of a little longer first boot setup process there is no difference in the resulting system.

But let us know if you do face issues that can be resolved with an updated image.

ok, will let you know…

have to find time to flash it