I have a problem with Drivers

You installed Dietpi as the main OS on your workstation?

Might be better to go with a “lightweight” FULL linux distro such as Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, or Linux Lite

what model# is your workstation?

I think, as there are two identical posts from this user, just different attachments and different computer brands, and that this post is in totally wrong place, as we do no virus caring etc. AND the user name (spawn … KI …) it is a bot/spam and the attachment might contain a virus.

I will delete the posts just to be sure.

Just in case, please ask DietPi related questions only here. We do no virus support. I will remove your posts and user, as I believe you are a bot, but just in case I mention you here, so you get an email with this explanation.

Yeah…I saw the second post…uggh…stupid spammers

I already imported the tech file with the editor. But what do you mean that the scenario file needs to be restarted? Do you mean i have to start a new game?