how to upgrade Domoticz without starting all over

Hi All,

I have a old raspberry pi 2 which runs my domoticz and mosquitto MQTT server. The setup is working fine. But i want to upgrade to the new domoticz version. But this upgrade requires a buster image, otherwise it wont even start.

There is no way to upgrade dietpi stretch to buster, and next to that it is recommended to start with a clean buster image.
Now I’m stuck with a near perfect installation of domoticz of which i cant migrate to the new version, because domoticz requires an upgrade of the current setup to convert the database to the new format.

in other words i cant import my old domoticz database setup in the new version of domoticz.
Is there a way to prevent setting up from scratch?


many thanks for your message. It is generally not recommended to do distro (Debian) major version upgrades. In most cases it works well, perhaps some manual config adjustments required but nothing urgent. But in rare cases issues CAN be much larger. For this reason no distro would ever automate this upgrade, nor support it, neither we de.

If you want to take the risk, you can have a look to: