How to install openvpn CLIENT (instead of server)

Perhaps an extremely stupid question, but I can only find “OpenVPN server” and “PiVPN” in the software selection list.
Should I install OpenVPN client simply via apt-get? Or am I missing something here?
I simply want my DietPi Raspberry Pi to be connected to NordVPN for all internet connections (not for LAN connections).

Also, when VPN goes down, I want to make sure Transmission will not have internet access until the tunnel is restored. I am sure I can find a guide for that somewhere. First step is to install Openvpn CLIENT and get it set up with NordVPN.

Should it not be listed?

It is easy to install manually. What you want to do is well covered in this guide.

I did this on Banana Pi running Dietpi and can confirm that it works but it is not that easy a job to set up.


Wow thanks a lot for that guide for split tunneling. In the past I tried to do it via network namespaces but it was way too complex, even after I found this tool called NSDO.

But I am still quite shocked DietPi doesn’t have OpenVPN CLIENT in its software list. It is of course simple to install manually.

Also, Flexget is completely missing in the list.

That guide does not work on DietPi anymore because it doesn’t work on Debian Stretch.

This is a much better solution and also much easier to setup:

Using NSDO (created by Austin):

it worked for me. the split vpn & transmission setup & port forwarding guides they had. The only thing is you need PIA’s vpn specifically for the forwarding.


just to say the split tunnel worked for me too, on a fresh install of dietpi 6.7.

But I can’t get it work on an install with fail2ban, even after purging fail2ban…