How to install older dietpi image?

I was running dietpi v150 on an raspberry pi, i use the LMS installatie for my music.
Everything was working fine.

But yesterdag i had a problem with LMS, and i can’t access the raspberry anymore.
S i installed a new dietpi image, but after that i have only problems.
No networkconnectionor netwerk connection and after a few minutes the connection is gone.

It is not possible to install samba, and in config the pi is hanging.

So i want to go back to an older image.

How can i do that? without dietpi automatically updates to an newer version

I have attached a screen image.
Til update 157, it looks fine.
But when dietpi installs 158 something goes wrong, and my connection with putty is gone. Also on my router.


Link is working here. The server may of been offline at the time due to maintenance. If problems persist, please use dietpi-config (> Networking) to set Google DNS server and retry.
If problems still persist, please check your local network for instability and configuration issues.