How to install a package not in stable release?


Debian buster stable ships with unbound DNS server 1.9.0. It can be easily installed by “apt install unbound”. So far so good.

But how can I install newer versions of unbound? I don’t know the necessary steps. However, I don’t want to generally set sources.list to testing or sid, I wanna keep the stable release channel, but update only unbound to the newest version.

probably this article could help on your request.

but be careful, it could break your system :wink:

most packages side load if they are pre-compiled for an arm system…but the scripting will end up not working so using the standard services restart strings should work…

I have installed DietPi on a few Orange Pi machines and not install anything from the dietpi-software tab…but side load em and configured them manually and they worked fine

Then the power went out, and corrupted the card :frowning: