How to find forgotten static IP of Dietpi?


I have an older Dietpi on Raspi3B+ here, but I didn’t know the static IP of it anymore. How can I find it out and connect to it?


Connecting a screen should show the IP address information directly on welcome banner

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ok, sure :smiley:
But what about hardware without direct connection via screen or console? Would be then no possibility to connect to it? Just in case of.
With DHCP enabled, you could just connect and look at the ip table, but without DHCP?

do a network scan from a different device. And the RPi3B+ has a nice HDMI port. So you are able to connect a screen :wink:

Or if it is static IP, you could put the SD card into another Linux box and check configuration located on the ext4 partition.

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thanks for the idea. In my actual case, I just connected the monitor. But for the future, it’s good to know another solutions.

If you have admin access to the router you may be able to identify which client it is in the router settings.

On iOS the LAN scan feature of a free app called Net Analyzer works well for me. It shows the device name or hardware model for most devices. And I assume there are similar apps on Android.