How to create DietPi Image?

Hello, I am using Orange Pi One, for which there is no pre-built DietPi image. So I converted my Armbian OS to DietPi using the guide given here . Now, I want to have an .img file of it, for easy usage in future. But this part is not well described in the guide. Please help me in what options to select after using the command for a script in the last line of the aforementioned guide. I am confused :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I don’t know what to select /root or any other option. Please help.

You could mount the disk on another machine and create one with dd command (there are already some threads about this in the forum) or you can use dietpi-imager, explained at the end of this article.


yes, you would need a different Linux box (SBC, VM or physical system) where you can connect your SD card to. Once done, you should be able to run our imager tool.


But how to install DietPi Imager? Please bear with me, I know I am noob :pray:

You can call it on the fly with:

bash -c "$(curl -sSfL '')"

Or you download the script with wget:


If no linux box…windiskimager works well at copying the entire SD card…empty space and all

Once you have converted the host OS to “dietpi” then you shutdown -h now, pull the card, read the entire card to a .img file…then at any time you can re-write that .img back to a SD card of equal or larger sizes to have it back as a “stock” build

As others have said…on a separate linux machine dd is the best to read and write the .img back to the SD card


Thank so much you everyone :pray:t2:. I love DietPi community, there are always people to help out. The dd method did create the image file but it was too big. However, dietpi-imager worked very well.:ok_hand: And Thank You @WarHawk for giving one more different approach to this.