How to contact the Board Admin

I had my old account perm banned. I have no idea why and the contact button is broken. mailto: needs an address to mail to. I would like to know why I was banned if possible to avoid doing it in the future. If it was over a dual post I couldn’t delete it and yes I tried.

Please provide some way to contact someone. I even tried to contact the admin by clicking members but no option to message them exists.

I would be happy if I could find out what I did wrong so I can avoid it. If my old account could be re-activated I would like this one to be deleted if possible.

Thank you.

I can’t see why you were banned but it was likely a mistake. Sorry for that - I have unbanned the username Shanther.


Sorry @Shanther for get banned. And yes, it was only a typo.
No hard feelings.

Thanks to so many Spambots here, we have much trouble and work, to get this forum clean, up and running.
The complete DietPi project is sadly a “one-man-show” mission for @Fourdee, with marginal assistance by users.
Mods here do the best that they can.
And @johnvick bear the brunt for a long time now.
Most others supporter had gone after a short period of time.

Yes, it was a mistake, but it was my mistake, not yours. Thanks for fixing it.

To answer your initial question,

please have a look at github, where DietPi development take place.
There you can find contact details: GitHub - Fourdee/DietPi: Lightweight justice for your single-board computer!


Thanks…If possible could you delete or something this username then. I don’t want to clutter your forum with multiple usernames.

Can’t see how to delete a user - maybe k-plan knows?

Either way don’t worry about it just go back to using your original name.

I believe it needs admin rights. I’ve enabled this for both John and K-Plan.

You can view users (and delete them) in:

  • Administration Control Panel (bottom of page)
  • Users and Groups tab
  • Find a user
  • Delete is at the bottom

Thanks Fourdee I have deleted the now redundant user Shanther2.

Thanks John :slight_smile: