How to configure url for different services hosted on dietpi?


I finished setting up my raspi 3b+ with dietpi and everything works like a charm.

But after installing a couple of software services from dietpi-software command i found some services, let’s say Nextcloud can be accessible via http://<your.IP>/nextcloud but that is not same with other service like vaultwarden https://<your.IP>:8001.

Can i change or configure the url of vaultwarden to be the same like Nextcloud only for internal network because here my isp does not allow me port forwading.

Please throw some ideas about this topic.

I would recommend to setup a reverse proxy, but I think without a domain this is not possible.

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Nginx Proxy Manager

Also…there is a way to do a cloudflare tunnel out…without even needing to port forward

Yes, that is possible. The key word is: reverse proxy. A function that most web servers support. Depending on the web server used, this can be a bit more complex. For vaultwarden we already have some examples in our forum.

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