how to compile DietPi? Orange Pi Zero

Yesterday I started compiling I found over here but it turned out to be Igor Pecovnik Armbian for Orange pi zero

I started it on my external HDD Ubuntu system running on ASUSeee 1005PXD and it last more than 5 hours…

So today I sleep at work as I went to bed at 01:00 :slight_smile:

But my original question is, how to do the same for DietPi? Is it possible?
I found “master” but it is very limited amount of files and I do not know how to start it…?

I already have Armbian tools downloaded during yesterdays (this morning) attempt getting Armbian image about 2.7GB

Thank you!


Once you have built the ARMbian image (Jessie/Console), use the following to prep system for DietPi and optimize the base image:

This is a manual process, start from the top and work your way down, copy and paste commands. Keep an eye out for cat commands, copy and paste the whole section, eg:

cat << _EOF_ >> /etc/bash.bashrc