How stable are the rpi alternatives? RK3588?

I’ve been running dietpi on my rpi’s forever and it’s been incredibly stable! I’m interested in trying some of the RK3588 soc alternatives such as the orange pi 5 and see dietpi has these listed as supported but is there any documentation on how well they are supported?

It’s hard to know which features of these boards are fully supported or what level of stability I should expect even from basic tasks like a headless docker server?

I often deploy these systems to remote locations where maximum reliability is very important. The best I can do remotely is power cycle a smart outlet if the system were to lock up for some reason. My rpi4’s running dietpi have been extremely reliable and robust even when faced with many power outages since switching to industrial microsd cards.

em… in my opinion I think both rk3388 and dietpi are very reliable, given that you have good ventilation provided.

I have my RockPi 5B running as NAS for over 2months without a single reboot, the Fan was even failed once and being replaced after a few days during it service… so I think it’s worthy for a trial.

No one else understand your real use cases except your and you have to try it by yourself :slight_smile:

On a OPi5, you might think of using NVMe instead of SD cards. This will increase file system speed dramatically compare to SD cards using within RPi device. And for running Docker, OPi should be fine.