How many services can stand a Raspberry 1 ?

Hi, I’m using dietpi with happiness on a raspberry 1, with a lot of doubts due to inexperience.
I don’t know how to measure the number of services that I can install on it. Now I’m using nextcloud, ftpserver, minidlna server, openvpn.
It seems that everything is going well, but how can I know how many servers can I install (I would also install a mailserver)?
How to calculate the resources necessary to allow all servers to run properly? I mean, does exist a “simulator” that simulate the behavior of dietpi in a chosen configuration ?

Thanks in advance !


you can test this setup on your Local PC using Virtualbox and the DietPi Image. RAM Usage will be the point. You can check it with ‘htop’ or ‘free -m’
More processes are usually no problem for Linux, if your swapfile is big enough. Only problem is, that your SD-Card has a finite number of write-cycles… In additition to this, your system will slow down.