how can I create a new openvpn client configuration?

Hi, this is my first post.

I have DietPi installed on my Raspberry Pi 2 and I also have openvpn installed.
During installation, DietPi automatically creates server and client keys (
It works fine and I am able to connect the Raspberry Pi via openvpn.

But there is only one client configuration (DietPi_OpenVPN_Client.ovpn) created.
How can I create additional client config files?
I want to be able to connect the Pi from multiple clients. And I don´t want to use on and the same key for all.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jerry,

You’ll need to check the sourcecode on this one, been a while since I added this into DietPi, so don’t have a definitive answer for you:

Thanks for your hint. And sorry for the late response.
After some experimenting and searching on the web, I found a solution for this. I was able to use the existing scripts in the openvpn folder to create a new client key and config.