Hover and Dynamic DNS


I am using Hover as a domain name provider and i do not have a static IP address. I have setup dyndns on my raspberry pi and it correctly updates the IP on DuckDNS. after extensive search, i understand that there is no way to update the ip on Hover using API as it requires 2FA. i simply want to be able to update my IP on Hover, what would be the easiest and the cheapest solution? I am currently paying USD 18 per year and happy to move to a different provider. I host the website on my pi.
The website i host is not super critical and i can afford a few mins of downtime.

did you tried domain forwarding to forward to your DuckDNS DDNS? https://help.hover.com/hc/en-us/articles/217282447-Managing-domain-forwarding

unfortunately, i dont think any of the solutions work for me as the website.

  1. Domain forwarding does not work with HTTPS
  2. CNAME forwarding only works with subdomains
  3. HTTPS forwarding at Hover does not forward to HTTPS (not sure i understand what it does then)
    is my understanding correct? if my website is https://www.abc.com and my duckdns address is http://xyz.duckdns.org, what should my CNAME record look like?
    Would it just be easier to move to different provider like namecheap?

abc.com. CNAME xyz.duckdns.org.

But this will never work with HTTPS, since the domains are different, unless you include both domains in the SSL certificate.