Highest sampling rate for DietPi running NAA Hqplayer

I am using DietPi + NAA running on RPI3B+. The RPI is fitted with IanCanada cards that takes I2S from RPI’s GPIO, reclocks, and send I2S signal to DAC.
I am using HQPlayer and would like to get the highest sampling rate from my RPI based NAA streamer.
I tried to configure audio in dietpi-config with « rpi-dac ». It works fine but is limited to 192kHz.
Then i configured to Hifiberry-dac, i could stream 384kHz but not higher.
I tried other drivers but at this point, they did not work at all (i have not tried everyone).

Do you know a driver/overlay that could stream higher sampling rates and generic i2s compatible?

As you can read, i am new to DietPi and hope my request is clear enough…

Kind regards