heyo weird windows problem

Hey guys I’ve been using dietpi for a little while and it works very well thank you. :slight_smile: Just windows has a problem. I can add whatever to transmission just fine. works fine while using debian, raspberry pi os, ect but when I try to use windows I have to keep logging in to transmission’s web interface to add anything to transmission. even after adding ip to settings.json. is this just a unsolvable windows problem?

So when your browsing on windows machine to your tranmission web panel, this happens?

The problem happens while using a windows computer. it happens on windows 10 and 11. it will give me a error 401 unauthorized until I log in to the transmission client on that windows machine at least one time per “session” then deauthorizes after the session and I have to log in again to the transmission webui.

ok and what is the issue? that you need to login into a password protected gui?

Thats the problem there. it only adds a extra step when doing things I just figured there was a setting in windows that is most likely causing this and maybe someone knew already. I only know something weird is happening due to any kind of linux just allowing me to do whatever without a error. on debian I havent needed to log in for a few months. for windows I need to log in every couple minutes or it will give me the 401 error unless i have the webui logged in already. most of the time im using debian and pi os but sometimes Im using windows and I keep running into this. i hate windows…also im using edge web browser when using windows. :cry: wonder if this could be a edge problem…

probably you should ask the Windows User forum https://answers.microsoft.com/

error 401 means no authorization. But you can login for some time and then the error happens? very weird. Maybe try to clean the browser cache, or did you tried another browser on the windows machine?
it seems like chrome can’t remeber that you’re already logged in.

nothing would fix it but it seems after I formatted and installed windoze 11 it now just works now. I’m going to reinstall win10 later and see if its limited to just edge browser itself on win10. if it just works the same on windoze 10 then im guessing it was due to corruption or malware…