Help with Spotifyd and snapcastserver

Hello everyone , kind of noob here

I’m looking for some guidance in how I create I pipe from Spotifyd to snapcast server - snapcast client.

Scenario : I have mopidy installed and configured to snapcast server that is working flawless.

Now I wanna do the same with
spotifyd. Spotifyd is installed at the same unit as mopidy and snapcast server it is a RPI 3B+ with dietpi buster.

I have made it so far that I can connect to spotifyds spotifyconnect and it plays as a charm, BUT how do I forward that spotifyd sound to snapcast server ? what alternative shall i use in this “chain” should I go with librespot or should I use pipe or maybe file

if libre spot: librespot:///<path/to/librespot>?name=<name>[&dryout_ms=2000][&username=<my username>&password=<my password>][&devicename=Snapcast][&bitrate=320] where do I find path to spotifyd or librespot I have figured out tha spotifyd is based on librespot

If pipe:pipe:///<path/to/pipe>?name=<name>[&mode=create][&dryout_ms=2000] what is the path to pipe.

Yeaah I know maybe this isn’t the right place to ask this questions but I make a try anyways


You need to start the Spotifyd with pipe backend explicitly then: usage of pipe backend · Issue #198 · Spotifyd/spotifyd · GitHub

You can edit the service accordingly, e.g. via dietpi-services. I hope there is a different way to define the fifo path than with raw shell redirect, else the service needs to start it with a wrapping shell process.