Help request for Reverse proxy setup with HTTPS to build a server for multiple services

I don’t think it’s needed to adopt the configuration from Jellyfin website. I did a test and it was quite simple to reach Jellyfin from outside world

create a host
forward to my Jellyfin server using it’s local network address and port
activated SSL certificate + force SSL

and now Jellyfin is reachable on mobile network

IT WORKS !!! Thank you so much for your help and your patience.

Nginx + SSL works perfectly. I’m just having an issue with the certificate for my domain, because I made too much tries while testing. So now let’s encrypt doesn’t let me request more certificates. According to their rate limits, I will have to wait a week before redeeming a new one. So I made a temporary new domain and I successfully requested a cert for it.

So it works perfectly as the base domain. The last thing that I would like to achieve would be to have jellyfin as a subpath [myddns]/jellyfin, for easier integration with other services.

I tried doing this :

  • I’ve set up a subpath in the jellyfin settings.

But it doesn’t work. Am I doing this correctly ?


I guess you would need to have a look to the Custom locations tab. On the Details you can’t specify it.


I asked in the Jellyfin discord server about that, and someone helped me to adapt the configuration given in the docs. I did this by directly editing nginx.conf, without Nginx Proxy Manager. It’s probably possible with it too but I didn’t find how.

I’ve installed Nginx from Dietpi-software and removed docker + portainer + nginx proxy manager

Here is the solution :

  1. Edit nginx.conf
  2. remove server_name_in_redirect string
  3. Add the example from in the “http” block
  4. Replace “$jellyfin” by “localhost”

I then used the Let’s Encrypt embedded in DietPi for the certificate.

It’s probably what Nginx Proxy Manager is doing in the background but that’s how I solved it.

I now have Jellyfin running on a subpath with an SSL certificate.
Thanks a lot for your help, you made me understand so much new things !!!
Have a wonderful day !

it was just an idea to use NPM as it is gui based and no need to hack config files. Of Corse it is working as well using Nginx directly :wink:

would it be possible to include NPM into dietpi?

This is not planned as it is a simple Docker container, easy to setup