Help Do i need more than one RPi3?

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Please note I am very new to this please take it easy on me, I have a RPi3 B I know how to install and configure the following :

  • RPi Imager for burning image
  • DietPi imaged installed and configured
  • Pihole Installed and configured to work as a DNS and a DHCP on my home network

What I was wondering is, on this current setup I would like to install a nas which I know how to but it uses the SD card as the storage which is where the pihole and Os sits.

would it be possible to have the nas point to a different drive (external) for network storage and not interrupt the pihole or would I have to get the nas as a standalone.

If this is possible please let me know step by step how to do it keeping my current setup.



short question.What kind of NAS software you like to install? Basically you could install SAMBA if you like to share external HDDs connected to your RPi.

Hi so I installed samba feature rich file server option number 96 on the dietpi software installation which I want it to save on an external drive but also keep in mind I still want pihole to run on the same raspberry pi 3

PiHole is working completely independent from SAMBA

OK cool so how do I set up samba step by step for external storage

So in other words I can have samba on an external hard drive as well as pihole on the same RPi

Well samba is not running on an external HDD. Samba is an application on your system, that will allow you to share your external HDD on your local network. On your system, you can have a lot of applications running next to each other without issues. In most cases, limiting factor is CPU and/or memory. Pihole as well as Samba are not that heavy apps, no issues there.

Nice :slight_smile: how would I go about having the data saved on the external drive cause I know how to get samba done just need to know how to point it to the external drive

you can change the directotry inside samba configuration file /etc/samba/smb.conf
there you have the [dietpi] section and you can adjust the path

        comment = DietPi Share
        path = /mnt/dietpi_userdata
        browseable = yes
        create mask = 0664
        directory mask = 0775
        valid users = dietpi
        writeable = yes
        max connections = 2

as well have a look to our online docs

if possibile can you give me all the steps and commands from the beginning to installs samba an have the storage on a external harddrive which once again will not interfere with pihole settings

as already told more than once. There is no relation between PiHole and Samba. Both are able to operate next to each other without issues.

  1. connect your HDD to your DietPi system
  2. open Drive Manager and connect your HDD to /mnt/hdd
  3. install Samba via DietPi-Software
  4. change samba share to your HDD
sed -i '/path = /c\path = /mnt/hdd' /etc/samba/smb.conf
  1. restart Samba service
systemctl restart nmbd smbd

Now you should be able to connect from Windows to your DietPi device