Headless install dietpi on raspberry pi model 2b

I’m new to raspberry pi and I am currently working on a project which requires using raspberry pi as a server. All I have is an Ethernet cable, my laptop and a power source. I have search thoroughly online and found a way to do a headless install. My problem currently is: I can’t get the IP of my pi so I can’t SSH into it. I have tried connecting my pi to my laptop via Ethernet and used arp -a to list all ip’s but the pi doesn’t seem to have one. I need help on how to a headless install and if possible with some explanations because I’m very new to this thing. Thank you.

I can’t get the IP of my pi so I can’t SSH into it.


More info on setting up a automated installation:

In the automation file, after image write and before 1st boot, /boot/dietpi.txt, you can setup for static IP.

Or, you could browse to your routers web interface, and view connected DHCP clients :wink:

Hello, I did automated install. But didn’t set static IP. Do I have to do the install again? Because I don’t have a router or a wifi dongle.

If you want to set a static IP, without SSH or physical keyboard + monitor, then yep :slight_smile: