Headless Connection Issues

so i finally was able to reinstall dietpi with a new sdcard because my previous one corrupted. one of the reasons why i wanted to do a reinstall was because miniDLNA, VNC and transmission would occasionally not connect. particularly the miniDLNA issue is the bothersome.

my other devices cannot to my RPi via Kodi or iOS. So when i try to use VNC to restart the service, its like 50/50 that it will connect. If tightVNC doesnt work, I end up having to use Putty and reboot the entire system. This happens about once a week, especially if the dont the RPi for 2-3 days, then this issue arises.

-W/LAN: Time Warner 200Mbps down, 50Mbps up with Motorola SB6183 connected to ASUS RT68U router w/Merlin Firmware.
-miniDLNA server: RPi B+ 512Mb Model
-Clients: iPad 2, Amazon FireTV w/Kodi, and Windows 7 w/Kodi

The issues you are experiencing sound like a network or PSU issue. Its possible the wifi is being dropped and causing problems with some of the services.

I would suggest you attempt to use a ethernet cable and see if the issues re-occurs over the same period. Also, whats your PSU make/model and output voltage/amperage. Might be worth trying a different PSU if the issues do occur on eth.