HDMI-CEC with XU4 Kodi

Has HDMI-CEC been included with the XU3/4 image as i cannot get it working?

Hi Chris,

I’am not sure. I will contact meveric as the DietPi image/kernel is based on his Jessie image.

Hi Chris,

Received a reply from meveric:

Yes CEC is activated and working fine. It might be though, that you have to install libcec to use it.

apt-get install libcec

I almost did that earlier but posted here to ask if it was supported heh

That however failed to work :frowning: any ideas to get it to work? I have CEC working with my PS4 using the same reciever also the Pi model B on same cable/input


My amp says Kodi on the display when i press buttons so something is talking but no commands are successful

Hi Chris,

I’am not sure Chris, I’ve personally not tested or used CEC functions, however, merveric has. Here is his notes:

I used it on Kodi several times already, so it should work.
Although it’s not bug-free either… Exiting Kodi after you activated CEC might not be possible. There is a bug in the drivers causing it to NEVER close CEC connection, and Kodi is infintately waiting for CEC to be done closing the connection.

I will play some more tonight, maybe a free image and test from there as i may of broken something without realising it, thanks