Boa tarde, sou novo no forum gostaria de sabe como compartilhar 3 hd extrno na rede local para acessar de outros sistemas?


Many thanks for your message. Pls use English language within this forum. Otherwise it will be hard to help with our community.

Basically you can share your disk via samba, ftp or nfs. Depends on your clients and scenario you like to implement.

ok sorry i didn’t know where i find the explanation

what kind of explanation your are looking for?

I would like to know what I have to type in the smb.conf file so that my hds can be shared on the local network for windows

inside smb.conf you will find a section [dietpi]. There you can specify the mount point to share. If you like to share all HDD same time, you can specify /mnt instead of /mnt/dietpi_userdata

if i print hers from the hds you can write the lines for me for me to see the example

pls post you mount points

lsblk -o name,label,size,ro,type,mountpoint