Having trouble installing on Odroid HC2 (headless)


I have searched around this forum & the web and I’m not able to find any docs to help a new user install on a headless Odroid HC2.

I currently have two of these - one running DietPi for over a year & the other recently had a microSD fail so I wantd to reinstall DietPi on it.

I download the latest Bullseye image for this board off your site and then followed the instructions editing /boot/dietpi.txt for an automatic install here, https://dietpi.com/docs/usage/#how-to-do-an-automatic-base-installation-at-first-boot, and it does not want to boot and install. Is there something I’m missing here?

Thank you for this amazing project :sunglasses:

I just found this where the Bullseye image has a serial login only then for HC2? Is that correct?

I tried it again today and now it’s working fine. Please consider this issue to be closed.