Has anyone tried DietPi with the NanoPi R6C

(Question is in the title)
I know there’s a version for the R6S but now with the release of the R6C and it having an m.2 Pci-e2.1 x1 slot it’s one interesting SBC which would be even more interesting with DietPi.

Best to my knowledge, same image for R6S should work same way on R6C. I guess @MichaIng was running some test already.

Jep it works just fine. Only the Ethernet status LEDs do not show the cable attachment correctly. The WAN port on R6S is eth2 while on R6C only eth0 and eth1 exist. Not sure yet how to solve this best with a single hardware ID. Probably a first run step which simply checks whether eth2 exists to decide whether to apply a different udev rule for R6C or not.

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I have an R6C without eMMC (not intentional) and was not able to boot DietPi from SD card. Had success only with Armbian, which uses different dtb file for R6S and R6C. Partitions on the SD are also different compared to DietPi (only bootfs and rootfs). I am not skilled enough to know what this means though… but with eMMC and DietPi this board must be very nice.

The R6C here boots very well with our R6S/R6C image form SD card. How do you know that it does not boot? Any output on HDMI or serial console (I recognised just now that it has a USB-C debug port :slightly_smiling_face:).

I assumed it didn’t boot because of no output on HDMI, but indeed the system starts up and can be interacted with over a serial connection. Nice!

are you able to connect to the device using SSH?

Yes, when startup looked complete on serial, I was able to connect with ssh. No terminal on HDMI though.