Generating Image from Source

I’m new, and looking for some guidance. I’d like to generate my own image from souce. I’ve looked at the github repository and studied the and am a little confused as to the how part.

Do I use a chroot?
I’m assuming a cross compile, what compiler do I use?

Just looking for some basic steps to get this done.


Before you can prep an image for DietPi and run those commands, you’ll need a Debian minimal image.

For the most part, we use official images (eg: Raspbian Lite). For the OPi/NanoPi boards, we mostly use ARMbian build tools to generate the initial image:

Once you have an image, and running on the target board, you can then go through, to prep system for DietPi. Once done, read image, resize 2nd partition (+50MB of min), done :slight_smile: