FriendlyElec ZeroPi image?

Is there an image for the FriendlyElec ZeroPi or should I just use the image for the NanoPi NEO?

Update: after some digging I discovered I could build my own image. I’m not sure how to share it in this forum so I’ll just provide a Google Drive link.

Benchmark (using SanDisk Edge A1 16GB Micro SDHC Memory Card):

  • CPU duration: 20.98
  • CPU temp (idle): 40’ c
  • CPU temp (full) 55’ c
  • RootFS write: 11 MiB/s
  • RootFS read: 21 MiB/s
  • RAM write: 317 MiB/s
  • RAM read: 495 MiB/s

Very cool! Good job on building an image