Fixing Rtorrent on latest dietpi version Pi4

You can follow the tutorial here

So the latest version of dietpi broke Rtorrent
The issue was DHT was set to enabled insted of auto and memory allocated was too low
I have attached my config file to ease the procedure for you guys
just clear your config and copy past mine


many thanks for sharing your solution. As well you simply can change DHT mode on /mnt/dietpi_userdata/rtorrent/.rtorrent.rc from dht.mode.set = enabled to dht.mode.set = auto

Many thanks for reporting and fixing the issue. Indeed there is a bug where the max memory allocation string misses a “M” so that the value is taken as KiB (I guess) instead of MiB as intended.

Does having DHT enabled by default cause issues as well after fixing the too low max memory?

EDIT: Ah “enable” is simply not valid, it must be “on” instead: