Firefox browser install

Hi, I am looking for advise on how to install firefox. I do not see the option in dietpi-software. Destop utility is installed. Thanks

Can you check following

dietpi-software list | grep "ID 67"

You can also search in dietpi-software: DietPi-Softare - Search.

ID 67 | =0 | Firefox: web browser for desktop | +ALSA +X.Org X Server DISABLED for armv6l |

Rpi Zero i use. Maybe that is the cause?

Yes it is DISABLED for armv6l

Thanks. I ll change the unit.

You can assume that working with X11 (incl. Firefox) on a Pi Zero is not very funny (-> slow system).
Although DietPi only uses minimal resources, on a Pi Zero is is unfortunately not the snake oil for running graphical desktops fluently. :slight_smile:
I propose to use at least a fairly quick quad core system. See e.g. DietPi-Survey statistics and choose systems with a benchmark value < 30 seconds (better < 20).