Fail2Ban takes a long time to stop

When i perform an update for DietPi it goes through and stops my services, as expected. I noticed that Fail2Ban takes a long time to stop. Usually it takes a few minutes to complete. Is this normal? Can anything be done to improve the time it takes?

ran across this…might be helpful for the devs

Yeah it seems to be fixed in newer versions. fail2ban doesn’t seem to update with APT upgrade or a dietpi-update. My version is still:
Fail2Ban v0.9.6

DietPi-Software installs fail2ban via APT, but most current version on Debian Stretch is v0.9.6:

You can manually install the deb package from Buster, which is v0.10.2:

  • There are no Buster only dependencies, so you can install it on Stretch without any further requirements.