extrem noise from DAC -> Speakers

Hello, (sry, I am very bad in writing english …)

I don’t know if i am right here, but I cry and need help …

I want my ALLO Usbrige use as Roon brige. The configuration with Roon should be fine, it works as roonbridge, but only with HDMI to my TV. If i choose the DAC to my speakers, there is always extrem noise, no music (with all mediafiles).

OS: Dietpi - fresh updated

Dietpi - Audio options - Soundcard = usb-dac
When i go into the ALSA-Mixer:

Card: NAD USB Audio
Chip: USB Mixer

in the middle of the screen:
“this sound device does not have any controls.”

F2: system information:

there is:
0 [atm7059link] : atm7059_link - atm7059_link
1 [Audio] : USB-Audio - NAD USB Audio
NAD Electronics NAD USB Audio at usb-aotg_hcd.1-1.1, full speed

the 0 have a ALSA-Mixer controllpanel, this should be the HDMI to my TV that works, but i need the 1, my DAC …

I don’t know what to do … isn’t my DAC supportet ? Do I need anything else, any software?

My DAC is: NAD MDC DAC 2.0 ( https://nadelectronics.com/en_EU/product/mdc-dac-2-0/?locale=de )

Or need I a complet new DAC, if I want that it works? When yes, with witch ones should it work (150-1000 €)?

Thank you very mutch for all helpers … <3