External HDD not detected XU4


I have two 2GB HDDs in a mains powered RAID-1 setup external to the XU4. The drives are formatted to act as BTRFS RAID.
I have plugged the cable into the XU4’s USB3.0 socket and don’t see it listed in dietpi-drive_manager or detected by the system in /dev

If I plug it in to the USB2.0 socket however, it works. I can’t remember if that’s exactly what fixed it, but I did have a previous installation with the 4.9 kernel that was auto-mounting the drives through USB3 just fine. For some reason this doesn’t see to be the case on 3.10 shipped with DietPi v154 despite me installing the btrfs-tools package.

Any ideas?


Have managed to fix this by having the drives plugged into USB3.0 at time of DietPi install, quite why this would make a difference compared to Plug ‘n’ Play post-install I’m not really sure. Regardless, seems fixed now without needing to upgrade to te 4.9 kernel.

Might need to get a powered USB hub…mainly because the USB ports on these SBC’s are woefully underpowered and sometimes can’t spin up even the smaller 2.5" drives

Maybe this?