Expired SSL certificate (Nextcloud+Dietpi)

Hello folk and Happy New Year! I have checked , but couldn’t find my topic. Thanks to this great OS (Dietpi) I am enjoying my cloud server, based on Rasp Pi 4 with Nextcloud. Today I saw a warning, saying that my certificate is already expired (need to renew it every 3 months?). Will be asking for help how can do it, because I did my prototype as part of school project and need to present it in 3-4 days, but this issue make me crazy! Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks again!

Normally certbot should renew the certificate automatically. This can fail if port 80 is not open, because certbot communicates through this port for the renewal.
Did you create the certificate with dietpi-letsencrypt?
For renewal you can also just run dietpi-letsencrypt again.

Thanks for your answer-it’s work. Just now when I renewed my certificate I saw - (“certbot renew” is the command with no further interaction). Thanks again for your help-great forum with amazing support.
P.S. If it’s not automatically renewed, you need to do it once every 3 mounts!

usually dietpi-letsencrypt/cerbot will setup a cron job that will renew certificates automatically.