error message connecting to Samba

Thats really funny… I set up a Samba-Server (for later Plex-Media) on a RASPI running Dietpi latest version.

I can see that it works from
WIN 10
(all within the same home-network)

But NOT from my own Linux Mint workstation:

There is something wrong… but what?


this is my smb.conf:
path = /mnt/AV-Platte/
follow symlinks = yes
null passwords = yes
workgroup = Workgroup
netbios name = DIETPI-Server
interfaces =
security = user
hosts allow = 127. 192.168.0. 192.168.192.

;socket options=SO_RCVBUF=131072 SO_SNDBUF=131072 iptos_lowdelay tcp_nodelay
;min receivefile size = 16384
;use sendfile = true
;aio read size = 16384
;aio write size = 16384

path = /mnt/AV-Platte
comment = Audio und Video
valid users = dietpi smbguest karl
directory mask = 0777
read only = no
available = yes
browseable = yes
writable = yes
guest ok = yes
public = yes
printable = no
locking = no
strict locking = no

quite difficult to say why your Linux system is not connecting. Might be an incompatibility of the samba client? As well I see you added path variable into global section. Which is basically a duplicate as you specified it on the share definition [AV-Festplatte] already. Did you tried to use a different share name? At the moment it is [AV-Festplatte]. Maybe try without special character and lower cases only.