Drive Manager possible bug

This is on Z83 DietPi v6.15. I added an NFS share from a second device (XU4) using dietpi-drivemanager. It did this fine but in the course of rewriting the /etc/fstab somehow these lines got deleted:

/home/john/crypt /home/john/crypt ecryptfs defaults,noatime,nofail 0 0

The purpose of the above is to mount an encrypted folder. This link explains the process.

I added the above lines to /etc/fstab from a backup and all good again.


Thanks for the report John.

Indeed ecryptfs is a mount type that we do not preserve yet. But good to know about it, so we should add it as a feature to dietpi-drive_manager to create/encrypt a directory and scrape/preserve these mounts when drive_manager is recreating the fstab.

Could you show output of df, when the encrypted directory is mounted? Does it show up there, so we can check existence?

Issue on GitHub opened:

df shows:

/home/john/crypt 29254192 16431072 12806736 57% /home/john/crypt

But of course I have manually put the line back into /etc/fstab

Incidentally not all the common SBCs support ecryptfs - I’ve had it working on Banana Pi and Z83 - not XU4.

Thanks for checking this out.


Thanks for info:

eCryptfs is a native Linux filesystem. The kernel module component of eCryptfs is part of the Linux kernel since 2.6.19.

Should be possible to check for this kernel module and only offer the feature, if it is present.

/home/john/crypt 29254192 16431072 12806736 57% /home/john/crypt

Hmm, need to check if there is a better output to identify these mounts, as an identifying string is missing :thinking:. Currently, as the “mount source” has no UUID, drive_manager just identifies it as network drive (thus should show it in the list), which need to be identified and added to fstab separately.
I will do some research about it.