Downloading folders

Good morning!

I’m apologizing in advanced for my rusty English.

I have an issue with the downloads folder. Right now when I download something with transmission I believe sonarr and plex are handling differently, and they are saving it in /mnt/dietpi_userdata/downloads, /mnt/external/tvshows and in /mnt/external/dietpi_userdata/downloads

At the beginning I made the mistake of storing all the data in the SD card, so in the dietpi-software I changed the user data location to the external: /mnt/external/dietpi_userdata

But I don’t understand why it’s copying in three places at the same time. I believe /mnt/external/dietpi_userdata/downloads and /mnt/dietpi_userdata/downloads are the same place. Am I wrong?

Also I’d like to only have it in one place.

Last but not least I’m interested in making an anime folder and a movies folder. How can I handle that?

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yes /mnt/dietpi_userdata/downloads and /mnt/external/dietpi_userdata/downloads are the same folder. There should be a sym link inside /mnt pointing dietpi_userdata to /mnt/external/. In fact it is not 2 directories but 1

/mnt/external/tvshows I guess is the folder Sonarr is using to store your downloads, once they are finished by transmission. This should be the final location of your tv shows if I’m not mistaken. But I need to say, I don’t use Sonarr myself and I’m just guessing :wink: