Doesn't DietPi suport OrangePi any more?

Hi, I found there is no link for the download of OringePi image.
Doesn’t DietPi suport OrangePi any more?

No, it doesn’t for quite some time. You can use old images and try to upgrade your way through:

Thank you!
But, the download link in this page is banned by GFW.

I have V145 image for OrangePi Zero.
I want more higher edition like V159.

Would you please share a download link for V159 image?

Sorry for late reply. I can upload 6.0 somewhere if you still need it, just name any fileshare that will accept file this big without registration and is allowed by GFW.

I put a link to an archive on this blog

You can still “build” your own Orange Pi “DietPi” system…it just takes work

Get a working Debian installed on a card and ensure it boots up
Debian distro can be wheezy, jessie, stretch, or buster


Optimize current Debian installation and prep for DietPi installation.



- Currently running Debian (ideally minimal, eg: Raspbian Lite-ish =)) )

- systemd as system/init/service manager

- Either eth0 connection or local (non-SSH) terminal access


Dev notes:

Following items must be exported or assigned to DietPi scripts, if used, until dietpi-obtain_hw_model is executed.






Then using Fourdee’s most awesome PREP script…it should blow out the old and install the new as long as you have internet connection and know some simple Linux commands

#chmod 755
# ./

Go get some coffee…if you don’t have A1 sdcards…it can take a long time

Once you build a working card…biggest suggestion is to image it…

You can install it with screen…in case you loose connection…but having a local build w/ keyboard and mouse is best

Jep, the PREP script should be the way to go:

  • Use the most current Debian based image you can find, at best Stretch already or Jessie at least, to have highest success chance.
  • At best have a local terminal access via HDMI+keyboard, otherwise SSH via Ethernet. SSH via WiFi can loose connection during process, depending on the network setup of the base image, thus is currently not officially supported. EDIT: Ah you use OrangePi Zero, so please use Ethernet connection then to SSH into it.

Note that with the script from master branch, it is still possible to install on Wheezy image (and upgrade to Jessie), with next release and current dev branch, you at least need a Jessie image, which will be upgraded to Stretch then. We need to drop Jessie support by times and the best start for this is to not allow installing a fresh Jessie DietPi anymore :wink:.

I found a pretty sweet firewall distro called Zeroshell but it kicked my butt trying to configure (mainly because I didn’t have a “WAN” connection plugged in…might be a candidate for the PREP script…they support alot of the OPi boards

Is it Debian based??

Not sure…

Sent email to developer to verify

Hi, sorry for digging this up in 2021, but the wget link you supplied retrieves the html page from GitHub, not the script. The correct command should be:


usage of DietPi PREP script is describe on our online docs

Thanks for the hint, I updated the post as well, a typical mistake I do myself by times :slight_smile:.