Documentation for Dietpi-Dashboard wrong port

Hi, the documentation site for dietpi-dashboard has the wrong port. Site says to use port 5252, but githut says use 8088. A fresh installation has it using port 8088 currently, and the github page for dietpi-dashboard also says 8088.

Thanks, love this program

What version of DietPi you are running? Latest one? Because port has been changed on last version.


I set up a new dietpi setup just this morning and noticed something was wrong when my previously bookmarked linked to the dashboard didn’t work. Changing port to the one listed in github worked so I guess it really was very recent

What is the version of your dashboard? If I’m not mistaken 0.3.2 is required to get port 5252 working.

v0.3.2 per bottom of the page. Oh well, as long as I have it working on whichever port. It was port 8088 when I installed today like 12 hours ago. I picked that and a bunch of other media/downloading apps in dietpi-software. Thanks

Can you have a look to /opt/dietpi-dashboard/config.toml what port has been set? As it changed to 5252 by this commit

 TCP network port
# - Default: 8088
#port = 8088
# - Default: false
#tls = false
#cert = "/path/to/cert"
#key = "/path/to/key"
# Password protection
# - Default: false
pass = false
hash = "46fd1f7092223e888c905050d8c2b0089d7ce098808f0f01e21a0d426ab0634656a81b92f113925852575a48eae8449688f50cbe78954585>
secret = "d07d4754914c2c82041a1356a80776fe8bb2c2adc711c15d6e6d041bde7e60ab"

I see the 8088 here, I went in here before to turn off password but nothing else. Didn’t bother looking up.

I’m just going to leave as is for now

ok the port configuration from the file is not used as it is hashed #. Means default values are active. Can you try to reinstall the Dashboard and use the latest nightly build?

dietpi-software reinstall 200
systemctl restart dietpi-dashboard.service

Reinstalling changed the port back to 5252 now. How do I know if I’m on nightly build? I selected it when reinstalling, but version still same 0.3.2

I’m going to submit a feature request to add settings to remove/change password in webui instead of having to edit config file.

Thanks again!

maybe ravenclaw900 could answer this

How do I know if I’m on nightly build? I selected it when reinstalling, but version still same 0.3.2

Sorry for the incredibly late response, but you should be able to tell from the dashboard page now, as the version will now be something like v0.5.0-21-g41e53b5 for nightly builds.