Display selection: Enabling and configurating a multi-display ssetup


I am currently using a RPI4 for a home project which is primarily based on using a DSI display. Everything work very well so far.
The next step of my project would be to use my TV Screen using one of the HDMIs available as a “secondary” screen, understand as extended monitor. The finality is to have two instances of Chromium Kiosk Modes, each running on their dedicated screen.
This configuration isn’t available in the dietpi-config, (e.g. enable both DSI and HDMI0).

I ran into a closed pull-request on the dietpi github


where it was being discussed exactly what I would wish to have under the tree for next Christmas. Allthough it has been closed but apparently not integrated on the release I’m using (7.2 if I’m correct) and forward until now, is it still some feature that is kept on your backlog or has it been definitely scrapped off?

Cheers, and keep the fantastic work!!


well it has been moved to the backlog and it’s not worked on for now. Because development recourses are limited at the moment


Maybe the developer can give a more detailed status MichaIng

Sadly the guy who started working on this has not continued and deleted his branch. I have an early copy of the changed code locally but didn’t find time to finish it up. Indeed the display menu for RPi requires a rework for the RPi4 4k and dual HDMI use.

For now, I suggest to have a look into the RPi documentation: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/computers/configuration.html#hdmi-configuration
and: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/computers/config_txt.html#video-options
Aside of the setting to enable 4k, all HDMI settings can be applied suffixed with :0 and :1 for HDMI0 and HDMI1 port.