DietPi's 100 release

I just wanted to thank everyone who uses, supports and contributes to DietPi. v100, what a journey and still going strong!

Now i’am off to drink a cider :slight_smile:

Nice congratulations! :smiley: :sunglasses:

My thanks to all of you for developing this operating system!!! Keep it up!!! :blush: :smiley: :rofl: :arrow_right:


Nice good job!
Waiting to see more support for OrangePI :slight_smile:
Just got into PI’s stuff and started with your DietPI, it’s awesome for me. Keep it up!


Great to hear, thanks for the feedback.

We have a OrangePi image available, is there anything specific your waiting for? :slight_smile:

Well… Im preety noob in these kind of things, so I don’t know exactly what I expect :slight_smile: But my goal is to avaible all GPIOs in node.JS. I got into WiringPI (WiringOP for OrangePI), but I can’t make it working :slight_smile: But well… I guess that’s not for the whole OS, just my simple problem to solve :slight_smile:

Thanks you very much for your attendance, I appriciate it very much :slight_smile:


I dont remember disabling any GPIO settings for the image, however, I’ll take a look when I come to adding GPIO as a installation option for DietPi-Software.

You are amaizing :slight_smile: