dietpipi-backup only works with root?

So i flashed v102 to my XU4 and started installing my usual apps. I’m a linux n00b and mess up alot, dietpi-backup is a life saver because i don’t have to start all over again when something goes wrong :blush: . Unfortunately dietpi-backup(DietPi-Software, DietPi-config aswell) works only when i’m logged in as root. If i try to execute the command with sudo i get error “dietpi-backup: Command not found”, without sudo: “/DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-backup: line 510: /DietPi/dietpi/.dietpi-backup_settings: Permission denied”.
Is possible to make these commands work on a regular accout? Thanks.

Hi trikster,

All the DietPi programs (scripts) are designed to be run as root by the end user.

Have you tried running the following to execute the program as root?

sudo su

If I can ask what you are trying to achieve with a non-root account, i will be able to assist you further.