DietPi Works, Then Doesn't

I have gotten DietPi to run, but then it stops loading and I’m not sure why.

Is there a DietPi chat or anything like that? Also, when it stopped, I did a restart of my device and put in an etcher formatted SD to reinstall everything again and it still seems bricked.

What should I do next?

You could have filled the template you got offered while creating the post.

What system you are running? What error message you see? Something on screen? Anything you can share?

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When I installed it previously using the SD, when I connected a cable going out of it to the internet and then connected a cable to my extremely large old tower computer, i could use the internet right away.

Now I can’t. Whether I reinstall the SD or not.

The system I am running is Debian. I don’t see an error message, it says I have no network. There is also no screen. I can’t sh or Putty into it using sh because Debian doesn’t even think it’s connected to anything other than a brick.

What does this mean? You mean your tower computer is running Debian?

On a default setup we don’t offer any bridging functionality. Usually SBC have a single ethernet interface that we configure only.

Pls give some more information on the SBC used and what exactly is not working or you are trying to do. There is a reason why we have the template on the troubleshooting section. It’s not there for fun.

Double check the power going into the pi…sometimes a bad or long cord, the voltage leaving the wall wart won’t reach at the required level at the device.