Dietpi with WIFI and samba with eth0

Hi All,

have a question, I have my dietpi running smothly using a wifi card to get access to the internet. But want to use the eth0 port to make a connection to my pc so I can share files though samba with that machine (instead on using wifi for that).

Is anyway to have the machine running on wifi for the rest of the tasks, and reserving the eth0 to samba only so i can share files more quickly with my machine?

thanks in advance.

Hi buddy, the process would be a lengthy one even if there, I would prefer wifi, that would be less of stress.

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Hi, so there’s no easy way to have the system running on wifi and, then reserving eth0 just for samba connections?

thanks again

First of all for a direct Ethernet connection without a router/switch between the two peers, you require a cross-cable instead of the regular patch-cable, as far as I remember from old LAN session times :wink:.

You can try the following:

  • Enable WiFi regularly via dietpi-config.
  • Enable Ethernet as well, but with static IP that matches the subnet of your PC.
  • Edit /etc/network/interfaces and remove the gateway line below the eth0 interface.
  • I hope you have currently local console access (instead of SSH)? Then run ifdown eth0; ifdown wlan0; ifup wifi0; ifup eth0
  • I hope, when not having a gateway line in the interfaces file, that the default gateway stays at the wlan0 interface.

In unlucky case, a routing table is required to tell the system where to send regular reguests (www access) to. But try the above first.

Hi MichaIng, thanks for help. will try that!


Thank you so much for sharing this helpful information, it helped me alot

Thanks and regards.:slight_smile: